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The HR system

Implementation Guide for Personnel Assessment System

If you become a Zinitix employee, you will receive a personnel evaluation once a year.
Personnel evaluation is divided into performance evaluation and competency evaluation.

Performance evaluation and capability evaluation guide

Performance evaluation is to evaluate the performance compared to the goals achieved by the employee, and competency evaluation is to evaluate the employee's ability to perform the job.
Through this evaluation, rewards are given corresponding to performance, and individual feedback on the evaluation results is given to diagnose job performance capabilities and develop deficiencies.

Purpose of implementation of promotion system

Zinitix’s promotion system seeks a balanced growth of employees and companies by discovering competent people, motivating and inspiring affection by giving them higher positions.

Regular promotion and special promotion

There are regular and special promotions for promotions. Regular promotion is promotion after the period of stay for each position, and special promotion is a system that selects and promotes employees who show excellent competence and performance even before the expiration of the period of stay for each position.

Promotion screening factor

Comprehensive factors such as personnel evaluation scores, duration of stay in the position, rewards, and reasons for recommendation by the department head will be objectively reviewed through deliberation by the Promotion review committee.

The implementation of a compensation system

We provide compensation according to each individual's performance and capabilities by implementing an individual salary system for all executives and employees of Zinitix.