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System IC Specialized Company through Continuous Innovation and R&D

Quality Control

All executives and employees of Zinitix Co., Ltd. will practice energy/resources to preserve the global environment, the home of customers and humanity, and try to minimize environmental pollution anytime, anywhere, and create an environmentally friendly corporate culture.

Zinitix Co., Ltd. makes products by selecting eco-friendly materials from the design stage of the product to satisfy the increasing demand for use, production, and distribution of eco-friendly materials worldwide.

Zinitix Co., Ltd. complies with international environmental regulations such as RoHS, Halogen-free, and REACH and practices the following.

  1. 1 Avoid the development and mass production of products contrary to environmental regulations and regulations.
  2. 2 The developed products use eco-friendly materials, and avoid the use of non-eco-friendly materials in mass production of products.
  3. 3 Efforts are made to minimize environmental pollution throughout the entire process from design and development of products to manufacturing, use, and disposal.
  4. 4 Compliance with the Hazardous Substances Restriction Guidelines (RoHS) and Chemical Substance Management Regulations (REACH) initiated by the European Union (EU).
  5. 5 Avoid the use of ozone depleting substances established and regulated by the Montreal Protocol.
  6. 6 Exploit and mine workers' human rights in disputed areas.
  7. 7 Efforts are made to maintain the current environmental policy through continuous education and training..
  8. 8 Maintain and manage so that everyone understands and remembers the above.