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Zinitix, is always trusted by customers with the best products and services



The LOGO of Zinitix is designed with the concept of 'a wizard-like company that realizes all IT technologies through touch'.
Based on the motif that the first letter "Z" of Zinitix and the fairy "Genie" of the lamp, we expressed the shape of the smoke that comes out when the magic lamp is touched.
The symbol, Magic Wind, is a perfect up-and-down symmetrical structure and represents the ideal encounter between touch technology and the advanced IT world.
The LOGO of Zinitix is a combination of the symbol mark and logo types.


※ Dedicated color is an important component of the identity of Zinitix. When used, image delivery and implemented color should be consistent.
※ Integrated and consistent color implementation is important because LOGO's colors may vary in brightness and saturation depending on the material used.
※ The proportion and material of the specified mix should be accurately selected and used according to the medium used.