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Zinitix, is always trusted by customers with the best products and services

CEO Greetings

Tectonic shift in the market, Prepared Zinitix.

Recently, the semiconductor industry is facing a new turning point.
Fierce competition among companies to preoccupy the global semiconductor market is expected,
including full support from mid- to long-term countries for the Chinese semiconductor industry
and the announcement of large investments in the system semiconductor sector by large domestic customers.

System semiconductors, which account for 70% of the total semiconductor market, play a key role in modern society.
Now, system semiconductors will have a significant impact on the 4th Industrial Revolution and 5G communication market beyond various applications
such as smart devices, various home appliances, and automobiles.

Zinitix is a system semiconductor fabless company that has accumulated know-how in producing semiconductors
from design to manufacturing, which is the core of system semiconductors.
With the largest product line-up in the industry that can respond to a variety of customer needs,
Zinitix has entered not only Korea also China, one of the world's largest markets, through co-working with top-class partners.
Also we have succeeded in securing the business stability by securing more than 50 customers including global smart device makers.
Under this business environment, we are dreaming of becoming a leader in the global wearable IC market
beyond the Chinese wearable IC market with differentiated new products such as wearable-only touch with haptic IC, AF IC, and DC-DC IC developed for the first time in the industry.

We will consistently build a differentiated product portfolio by putting the needs of the market and customer first,
and develop innovative technologies for the era of IT convergence and become a Global System IC leader
who continues to provide the best service through the best products.

Thank you.