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System IC Specialized Company through Continuous Innovation and R&D

Quality Control

Zinitix Co., Ltd. offers customers innovative, easy-to-use, error-free products that actively reflect their voice in product development, production, and mass production. I think the customer's voice includes service, quality, and continuity with the future I face it and humbly accept that all of this is the foundation for the successful development of Zinitix Co., Ltd.

Quality policy

Discover the new value that customers demand and provide the best products and the best quality.

Quality goal

As a Global System IC Leader, product quality is enhanced through constant improvement Customer Process Defect Rate Single PPM or lower product defect rate through quality improvement

The quality policy of Zinitix Co., Ltd. is understood and implemented in all classes of our company, and the quality goal to achieve the quality policy is set to realize the quality policy through the entire organization and is being developed organically in each class.