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Ethical management

Basic ethics

  • - With the mindset of representing Zinitix, you always have pride and self-esteem, keep honor and dignity, and have honest work attitude
  • - He/she performs his/her duties fairly within all social laws and company regulations.
  • - All actions you take in relation to the company should be able to do it proudly in front of your boss and co-workers.

All actions you take in relation to the company should be able to do it proudly in front of your boss and co-workers.

  • - Gifts between executives and employees shall be prohibited at all, except within the scope recognized by social norms (such as wedding, funeral, etc).
  • - The sharing of credit and profit and loss (money borrowing, loan guarantee, joint guarantee, joint investment, etc.) between executives and employees is prohibited.

Protect your company's assets and information

  • - The company's tangible and intangible assets (information, technology, know-how, etc.) belong to the company and must be protected by all executives and employees and cannot be used for personal profit for any reason.
  • - In addition to in-house disciplinary action for the unfair appropriation, leakage, etc. of such assets, they are fully responsible for civil and criminal matters outside the company.
  • - The company's expenses cannot be spent for personal use, and must be spent for the company's public affairs.
  • - Vehicles, computers, office equipment, etc. shall not be used for personal use or taken out or diverted without due process.
  • - The company prohibits the use of illegal software, and the individual is liable if this causes loss to the company.
  • - Information obtained in the course of performing his/her duties shall not be leaked to the outside without permission or utilized to promote the economic interests of himself/herself, his/her family, or a third party.

Sexual harassment prevention

  • - It should be recognized that sexual harassment is an illegal act that causes the victim to lose their will to work and reduce their productivity.
  • - All acts that can be recognized as sexual harassment are prohibited, and all executives and employees shall do their best in thorough preventive management.
  • - With mutual respect, they respect the will of the other person's reason and speak and act from the other person's point of view.

Entertainment and bribery

  • - No financial benefits may be requested, received, promised, or granted to a partner or interested party related to the job and it cannot be given to a third party. In addition, entertainment beyond the scope of social norms or entertainment in unhealthy businesses cannot be requested.
  • - Any financial or non-monetary acquisition activities that may harm the fairness of the job, such as concurrent positions of executives and employees of partner companies, job security, and joint investment, are prohibited.
  • - The amount of Congratulatory or condolences expense cannot exceed 100,000 won at a time, and it cannot be intentionally notified to interested parties in order to receive ordinary congratulations or condolences money or gifts (first-birthday rings, etc.)
  • - In case of difficulties in decision-making or unavoidable acceptance, it should be reported to the Management Support team.

Degradation of morale and organizational disruption

  • - Executives and employees shall not treat superiors, subordinates, or colleagues unfairly and discriminately on the grounds of age, gender, educational background, place of origin, etc.
  • - Any act of asking, providing, and comparing the annual salary of another person is prohibited, and all violations are subject to disciplinary action.
  • - It strictly prohibits blasphemy, drunkenness, physical assault, bullying, collusion and collusion that disrupt organizational culture and discipline.

A side job and two jobs

  • - Executives and employees shall not engage in any side business or side business without company approval.

Working environment and safety management

  • - All executives and employees shall endeavor to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment, and shall be responsible and obligated to prevent safety accidents and disasters by thoroughly complying with safety-related laws and safety rules.

Co-prosperity with partners

  • - As partners for mutual business success, partner companies mutually strive for the advancement of commercial activities based on mutual trust, sympathize with the ideology of sound commercial activities and cooperate for a fair settlement of commercial activities.
  • - Mutual transactions are reviewed in terms of mutual development, and care is taken to prevent transactions for unfair profits of either side.
  • - The selection of a partner company shall be based on fair and transparent standards, and in principle, prior contact and consultation shall be made at the commencement and termination of transactions.
  • - In addition to a simple meal for communication with partner companies, they should neither provide nor receive any entertainment beyond social norms.
    (However, if it is inevitable, prior advice from the relevant executive and management support office shall be sought.)

Compliance with ethical management

  • - Corruption of superiors, subordinates, or colleagues should not be concealed or tolerated, and even if the fact is intentionally tolerated or aided, it is subject to disciplinary action.
  • - Upon recognizing the violation of the regulations related to ethical management of the employees themselves or others, they shall report it to the supervisor and the management support office.
  • - If an employee who violates regulations related to ethical management voluntarily reports the fact, the company takes into account the normal situation.
  • - In principle, it is prohibited to expose the status of informants and commentators on violations of ethical management, and to avoid any disadvantages.
    (If the informant's identity is exposed, the management support office will investigate the route of leakage and the relevant employees will be subject to disciplinary action.)
  • - If deemed necessary, the company may award a reward to an informant and a statement of opinion related to ethical management.

Disciplinary action against violators

  • - In principle, disciplinary action against violators of ethical management practice regulations shall be determined through deliberation by the Personnel Affairs Committee.
    (However, if necessary, the representative director who has been delegated by the personnel committee may make a selection decision and notify it.)
  • - A person subject to disciplinary action shall accept the company's corresponding measures for violations without objection, and shall bear all civil and criminal responsibilities under the relevant statutes, if necessary.