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System IC Specialized Company through Continuous Innovation and R&D

Business Area

Zinitix´s Touch Controller IC has been steadily applied to smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches in recognition of its technology as the world´s leading IT company.

Touch Controller IC

Zinitix has a wide range of touch controller IC solutions to accommodate a wide variety of applications. We have noise reduction technology and ultra-efficient touch controller ICs optimized for mobile/wearable applications such as smartphones, smartwatches/bands, and also has a product line-up that can be used for large-screen tablets and laptops over 10 inches. In line with the latest technology trends, we have succeeded in developing touch ICs for flexible display panels, providing one-stop solutions that can supply various types of touch ICs.


- A variety of TSP structures

- Flat & Curved screen

- Hole & Trench screen


Core technology

- A variety of IC solutions,
· Touch IC controller for Mobile, Tablet, Wearable
· Touch + Vibration controller for Wearable
- Hybrid Touch (Self + Mutual capacitive sensing) / Self Touch
- Fast response time
- High SNR Performance
- Noise Immunity, Ultra Low Power consumption


  • Smartphone
  • Smartwatch
  • Tablet
  • Game console
  • Etc.

TSP Module

The capacitive touch module is an interface device that detects the capacitance change between electrodes that are induced by a user touching a screen with a finger or a pen with various structures using various materials (ITO, Metal mesh, PCB, etc.).


Core technology

- Material, type, and size required by customers can be realized
- Multi-touch implementation and high durability
- Quick response to touch and high moving speed


  • Note PC
  • Touch swtich
  • Wall-pad
  • Golf watch
  • Home appliance