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We invite people who will grow with Zinitix.


Zinitix' welfare is based on "enhancing employee satisfaction + boosting employee fraud + improving performance" to achieve industry-leading employee benefits that share company performance with employees.

Various benefits systems


Student Financial Assistance

Student Financial Assistance for Children
(middle school, high school, university)


Incentives and incentives

Incentives : Payment through individual evaluation
Performance : Payment based on management performance


for long-term employees and excellent employees

for up to pure gold depending on the number of years of service
Award for Outstanding Employee (Best Award, Achievement Award, Most Patent Award)


In-house Talent Recommendation Award

Rewards are paid if the designated service period is met after the recommended number of employees join the company


Operation of Recreation and Accommodation Facilities

Use of condo members under corporate name


Comprehensive health examination support

Full support for comprehensive medical examinations for employees


Support for in-house clubs

Operation of various in-house clubs
Monthly club subsidy payment


Support for Organizational Activity Costs

Support organizational activation costs by department Support for mentoring fees for new employees


Time difference commuting system

Daily commuting time can be changed according to one's intention

Other benefits

  • • Holiday, birthday present
  • • Serving lunch and dinner
  • • Give a refresh holiday for long-term business trip
  • • Support for expenses for congratulatory events (marriage, childbirth, 70th birthday, etc.) as well as wreaths and articles for congratulatory events
  • • The payment of patent compensation for an invention
  • • Operation of in-house foreign language courses (payment of foreign language qualification allowances)
  • • Support for various external education and grant opportunities to attend overseas exhibitions
  • • Conducting various events (e.g. commemorative events, sports competitions, workshops, meetings by class, etc.)
  • • Well-being club (mall dedicated to employees of member companies) available (performance reservation, hospital reservation, activities, etc.)
  • • Operation of rest facilities (table tennis courts, coffee machines, etc.)